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We all love opening cases, the excitement of winning a rare skin and the thrill of trying our luck. The rush we get from seeing the roulette moving, but big corporations try to take unfair advantage of us, players.

Their roulettes are rigged and the market is filled with scammers.

What can a player do ?

This is where CSGOVIRAL comes in with only one motto...

By the Player, for the Player

CSGOVIRAL provides a platform to the players where they are the sellers and they are the buyers of their own cases. Here the player has the opportunity to make money the same way case opening sites do, by selling cases.

Here you can create your own cases from your own skins and decide the odds for each skin, set the price for the case and sell it.

You can also open cases created by other players on CSGOVIRAL, where you have the advantage of seeing the odds of getting each skin and their quality( Minimal Wear, Field tested , etc.). Since, the odds are set by the player so NO rigging. Our roulette purely works based on the odds set by the player itself.
Whenever a case is sold, only 10% of the case value goes to CSGOVIRAL for maintaining its platform rest 90% goes to the seller’s wallet.

You can cash out the amount from your CSGOVIRAL Wallet to your PAYPAL, PAYTM or Bank Account.

You can add money to your CSGOVIRAL Wallet by choosing many different payment methods provided as per your convenience.